Adventure , Puzzle
Chen Guo - China

An artistic adventure puzzle game.

What will be unfolded is a story about a girl. She, pure and simple, struggles from the birth to the end of her own destiny. For her, this period of journey maybe can become another kind of carnival.
The girl's own traits are cleverly linked to the overall level design.

This is a game of adventure type, puzzle elements included.

Main character is a girl in pure white body, she's like a newborn innocent baby, she doesn't know much about the world. This game is about her life from very begging to the result of her destiny. Core of the game designed around interaction of three elements, main character, enemies and scenes. The three elements split and combined in a variety of ways to come back to game's origin.

The scenario showed just like a silent film, to leave an imagination for players.

[Main features]
- 3D scene of fantastic visions with minimalist graphic style.
- It's easy for most players to get started for the combination of the unique level design and the game playing method by riddling the puzzles continuously.
- Background music written by independent musicians can provide you a unique spiritual enjoyment.

Needs / Audience / Game status / Funding Needs:
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